Do I Qualify?

Qualifications - All Customers.
No Credit Check Required!

  1. You are at least 19 years old.
  2. Your are a resident of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.
  3. Your vehicle (Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Motor home) is 2008 or newer with less then 200,000Km (some exceptions may apply, call us to learn more) or, alternatively, you have an asset that is free of encumbrances of suitable value.
  4. Your vehicle is fully paid for, no liens or encumbrances.
  5. Your vehicle is fully insured – both comprehensive and collision insurance on the vehicle.
  6. Your Vehicle is registered in your name.

Additionally, You may Qualify for an EVEN LOWER RATES if you wish to provide us:

    1. Previous 90 day bank statements.
    2. Last pay stub

Once the details of your loan are agreed upon, we will provide you with a term sheet, application form and a copy of the loan agreement.

To complete your loan we will require:

  1. The signed copy of the loan agreement.
  2. A copy of your Driver’s License.
  3. Original Certificate of Vehicle’s Registration (not the vehicle registration which must remain with the car).
  4. Copy of Valid Insurance.
  5. Utility bill from your residence.
  6. Void cheque or pre-authorized form from your bank.
  7. A spare key which will be returned to you upon completion of the loan.
  8. Pictures of your vehicle
  • A picture of all 4 sides of your vehicle.
  • A picture of the odometer
  • A picture of the VIN

You can either mail, fax or email these documents to us. We will then deposit the funds directly into your bank account.

It's that Easy! Call Today, Toll Free: 1-844-534-LOAN (5626)     Direct 902-407-2370